Mandatory Behaviour Change Programs in Victoria


Currently LDDA is only conducting the BASIC DRINK DRIVE BCP course. For Drug BCP or Intensive courses, please call our office

Welcome to LOCAL DRINK DRIVE AGENCY, a leading provider of Behaviour Change Programs in Victoria.

We are owned by The Road Safety Foundation Limited, a Charity based in Victoria committed to ensuring that all drivers respect other road users and the community.

We also offer course to non-offenders on road safety issues at various locations throughout the year. Please contact us for details.

If you have had a drink driving offence in Victoria, there are a number of requirements that you are required to fulfil.

Firstly, you will need to complete a Behaviour Change Program mandated by VicRoads.

There are two levels of this course: a Basic program for first time offenders under 0.15% and an Intensive program for others.

If you have not received a letter from VicRoads notifying you of which course you need to complete, please call our office on 1800 05 4636 (1800 05 INFO) and we will advise you further.

If you know you need to complete a Basic Behaviour Change Program, please proceed to our course venues and options to book and pay online.

If you prefer to book directly through the office, or if you cannot afford to pay all of your fees up front, please call us directly on 1800 05 4636 and we can assist.