Drink Driver Education Courses | Offence Based Options

Course Locations

Local Agency offers a range of drink driver education courses in Victoria based on different offences. Below is a list of drink drive course options we can provide you with in Victoria.

At the following locations, localagency.com.au will be conducting Drink Driver Education courses and assessments for Licence Restoration. (accreditation number 28879) These locations are merely where courses will be conducted.

For any information or queries please contact Local Agency directly on 1300 05 4636 (1300 05 INFO)

The “Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program” is a program accredited by VicRoads under the Road Safety Act 1986. LOCAL DRINK DRIVE AGENCY is one of a number of providers approved by VicRoads to deliver drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs.

There are two levels of this course: a Basic program for first time offenders under 0.15% (book online below) and an Intensive/Drug program for others (call our office on 1300 05 4636 for further details).

If you have not received a letter from VicRoads notifying you of which course you need to complete, please call Licencing Enquiries on 1300 310 607.